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    a Looking Glass

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    (To Inquire About Commissioning Looking Glass Art,

    Contact Us Through Our "Contact Us" Section)

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    Red creates a portal to the past,

    and/or unique art for your future

    Due to the complex nature of developing this art, it can take 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Once completed you will have a forever bridge, between your selected past and the present, or a one of a kind fusion between your selected graphic and reflections of its immediate surroundings.

    Once Red has your image, and your deposit has been made, she will begin her process to converge your treasured memory into an entirely unique

    Looking Glass.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Some images are not suitable for this process. The artist reserves the right to reject any image she feels can not result in a quality product. In most cases we believe this can be determined upon viewing the submitted image, and therefore prior to the any request for deposit. This cannot be 100% guaranteed, however. In the unlikely event, during the early stages of work, (that is within the first seven days after receiving your deposit), the artist determines the submitted image is not well suited for her process, you will be contacted immediately and given a choice between submitting a different image or having your deposit returned in it's entirety.


    Commissions can be arranged through

    our Contact Us page

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    Abracadabra. Your Looking Glass arrives

    and your journey begins.

    You will be notified once your Looking Glass is complete and ready to be shipped. You will pay the balance due, and shipment will occur within 24 - 48 hours, thereafter.


    For local patronage

    (anywhere within a 150 miles of Raleigh, NC)

    we will arrange for personal pickup or delivery.