As your reflection blends

    with that of the past,

    you begin your own journey

    through the looking glass.


    Through my art, I hope to help you recognize your connection with history.

    What do you see when you look into your Looking Glass? Your reflection, of course, but also the space surrounding you. Your "now" is captured in the glass with you. What if you could see further? What if it you could see yourself in a special place and time? What if you could go through the Looking Glass? Those are the questions I asked myself, 20 years ago when I began this journey. Over the years I have honed and perfected my techniques until I created more than a mirror; I created an experience. More than an image inside or behind a mirror, my Looking Glass Art makes the image one with my medium - with depth and layers you experience, not just see.


    Each captivating looking glass has a unique image.
    After my first prototypes, (which used purchased or public domain images) I have preferred to use my own original images. My art therefore is not only unique in its medium, the entirety of most my pieces is completely unique; using images available nowhere else.

    There may be times in the future where I decide to make use of an image I did not create, but even then I will use the image only once - I never repeat images within my Looking Glass Art - In this respect my Looking Glass Art is always one of a kind.


    Starting with a reclaimed mirror, the image is integrated deep into the surface using a multiple-phased, environmentally conscience, extraction and convergence technique, adding dimension and character to every work.


    Original Prototypes, developed between 2014 - 2016 were used to test the stability and durability of my Looking Glass process. During that time I confirmed the end product could withstand tempature ranges between 20f - 110f, as well as extremely wet environments. While I don't recommend my art for oudoor use I have high confidence in the stability and durability of my art.


    Saving products from ending up in America's landfills is at the core of everything I want Redz family of businesses to be about. Thus my Looking Glass Art is created solely from reclaimed mirrors - never new mirrors - RedzHead.com is all about trying to help the environment, through Repurposing, Renewing and Reimagining the past.


    Every present glance into your Looking Glass becomes a moment of honoring a past never to be forgotten. It's the magic of the Looking Glass.